La rue  Saint Martin

The APARTMENT LOFT TWO BEDROOM is situated Saint Martin street 75003 PARIS.
The street Saint Martin with the street Saint Jacques is the oldest street of Paris. It was a Roman way which carried out towards North. It holds its name since the 11th Century of the priory of Martin Saint of the Fields which it met.

The street Saint Martin is one of old the street of the districts the Marsh and this finds very close to the very famous district of the street Montorgueil recently to visit by the Queen of England , very appreciated for its trade and its popular character. 


































































LOCAL MAP OF THE QUARTER (at your disposal in the apartment)


(A) Le Marais, literally "the swamp", was originally exactly that. It wasn't until the 13th century that convents came to the area and it began to develop life and culture.
Today, a trip around the Marais shows the numerous restorations it has seen. The neighborhood contains some of the oldest buildings in Paris, and their architectural treasures make the Marais a charming and unforgettable place to visit.




Le Marais n'est à l'origine qu'un vaste marécage et ce n'est qu'à partir du XIIIè que l'on voit s'y installer des couvents et débuter la culture.
Le Marais a de nos jours fait l'objet de nombreuses restaurations mettant en valeur tous ces trésors d'architecture et lui redonnant tout son charme faisant de ce quartier un lieu de visites inoubliable.

The Place Royal (now “La Pace des Vosges), built by Henry IV, was finished in 1612 and “Le Marais” became a very stylish neighbourhood, home of many grand French mansions and "salons", a sort of intellectual and philosophical conversation group.
Victor Hugo resided nearly 16 years at the n°6 of “
La Pace des Vosges where one can visit.



D'abord baptisée Place Royale, elle prend le nom de Place des Vosges vers 1800 pour faire grâce au premier département ayant acquitté ses impôts.
Victor Hugo résida près de 16 ans au n°6 de la place des Vosges où l'on peut visiter.

The Museum of Modern Art '' Beaubourg ''
(Close to the apartment)
The museum of modern art is an open arts center with its very discussed architecture. It joined together in the same place, work of art, shop of design, restaurant, library, rooms of spectacle and creation. A space of discovery is devoted to the children.





Palais Royal
(at about 5 mn walk)

It was built in 1624 by the architect Jacques Lemercier, the architect of the Sorbonne. Louis XIII, who will inherit the property on June 1, 1636, will never take possession of the places. Anne of Austria, become regent, will settle there with her children to flee the Louvre. Le Palais Royal will become thus royal.

Le Louvre
(at less than 10 mn walk)

Since that restoration in 1989, the Louvre became one of the Muses the most visited in the world. To avoid the interminable queues, to ask the entry of  the Door of the Lions. You will be able to leave after your visit by the Pyramid. A walk with the  garden of  Tuileries is essential, this garden precedes Versailles, with its rigorous, typical drawing of “” the Garden à la  Française'.






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